Lunn Law LLC has provided the following helpful Georgia Divorce and Family Law links to court systems, family resources, legal research, business and finance, and general information.

Court System

Most of the court systems do not provide documents in person. They require that documents be downloaded from their websites. Here is a list of several courts where you can find out more information about their requirements and sometimes document templates. Consequently, document templates will often not cover all situations. Therefore, if you do not have a boilerplate case, then Lunn Law LLC has found that the assistance of an attorney is most helpful.

Family Resources

These links pertain to Georgia Child Support.

Legal Research

Legal research is important in any legal matter. Knowing the law can save everyone time, money and additional anguish. Here are a few resources to start a search.

Business and Finance

The helpful links below are in reference to business and finance.


The general links below have article submissions regarding family law and other legal matters.

Seminars for Divorcing Parents

The following helpful links relate to attending parenting seminars. In domestic cases such as divorces, Georgia court generally requires parents to attend a parenting class but this requirement varies from county to county. Consequently, the following are counties that require parents to attend such parenting classes and file a certificate demonstrating their attendance. There are in-person and online options to fulfill the requirement but a waiver of the parenting seminar can be obtained by approval of the court in some instances.


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