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Clayton County Legal Separation Lawyers Helping You Transition Toward a Fresh Start

At Lunn Law LLC, our team of lawyers has extensive experience in legal separation matters. We know how difficult it is to make such a major choice and simultaneously keep track of legal proceedings and paperwork. Because of our attorneys’ extensive background in family law, you can rest assured that the case will be resolved fairly for all parties.

We’ll carefully walk you through each step, explaining everything thoroughly so you’ll feel confident in your choices. We’ll go over everything that’s been filed and what each side is asking for. We can outline what you’re entitled to under Georgia law regarding alimony, child custody, and property division.

No matter your circumstances, our legal separation attorneys are here to help. During this difficult time, we will do everything in our power to ensure your rights are protected and that you have access to the resources and support you need. We know what we’re doing regarding family law and are confident we can help everyone involved through this trying time. If you need assistance making the change to a better future, contact us at 770-933-3825 right away.

How is a Legal Separation Different from a Divorce?

Many are unaware of the differences between legal separation and divorce when dissolving a marriage. Both processes involve the dissolution of the marital relationship. However, there are significant key differences that must be taken into consideration.
Divorce is the legal process of ending a marriage according to the laws set forth by the state. This involves filling out numerous legal forms regarding areas such as the division of assets, alimony, and child custody. The court will review these documents to develop a settlement agreement or order. Once this document is signed by both spouses and approved by the court, a divorce decree is issued and has immediate effect. Divorce terminates all spouse’s rights regarding one another, including those related to finances and parenting roles.
Legal separation differs from divorce in that it does not end a marriage legally but allows parties to live separately while still being married. This process typically requires couples to make certain arrangements as they would if they were getting divorced, such as alimony payments, division of assets, and visitation schedules for any children involved in the marriage. However, unlike divorce, when two parties are legally separated, they remain married under the law and have access to some benefits, such as health care coverage from their spouse’s policy. Coverage that might not be allowed under a divorce settlement agreement or order. One benefit of legal separation is that it can open up other options for reconciliation down the road without having to go through the entire divorce process again if both parties choose to.
At Lunn Law LLC, we understand how difficult this decision can be for our clients, so we strive to provide them with quality legal advice so they can make an informed decision about what’s best for their future, together or apart. Our team of experienced lawyers is here to help guide you through every step of this process efficiently and effectively, providing reliable counsel throughout every aspect.

What are the Benefits of a Legal Separation?

Legal separation offers many benefits. It allows spouses to remain married while still maintaining financial and legal independence. This can be especially beneficial if one spouse has a pre-existing health condition that would otherwise disqualify them from receiving coverage under their partner’s health insurance policy. Additionally, legally separated couples can continue to file taxes jointly, resulting in tax savings compared to filing separate returns.
Another benefit of legal separation is that it allows both parties to have time apart while maintaining certain rights and responsibilities as a married couple. This can be extremely helpful in providing space and time for both parties to work out their differences. If child support, visitation, and custody have been established, the court may uphold the current custody arrangements after a divorce is finalized. Our experienced legal staff understands the complexities of legal separations and is committed to providing clients with the highest quality service.

What Disputes Can Arise During the Legal Separation Process?

Legal separation is a court process that allows couples who are not ready to divorce but no longer wish to live together to separate their finances and determine the rights and responsibilities of each party. While some couples may be able to agree on the terms of their legal separation without intervention from an attorney, disputes can arise which require additional legal guidance.
Disputes can arise over issues such as:

    • Child Custody Arrangements
    • Child Support
    • Spousal Support
    • Marital Property
    • Visitation Rights
    • Asset Division
    • Debt Division
    • Tax Matters
    • Insurance Coverage
    • Retirement Benefits
    • Medical Care Decisions

We know that disputes can arise during the legal separation process, and our attorneys have experience helping clients navigate these complicated issues. Our team of lawyers will work to achieve fair treatment for our clients.

How Can a Legal Separation Lawyer in Georgia Help Me?

When considering a legal separation, seeking legal advice from a qualified lawyer is critical. A professional can guide you through the complexities of your case and advise you on how to protect yourself best emotionally and financially. Legal separation lawyers have the necessary experience to understand all aspects of family law and confirm a client’s expectations of final agreements. Fairness to all parties involved is our goal.
Whether through mediation or court proceedings, our attorneys will work hard to level the ground with a spouse’s council and respect our clients’ rights. Couples can have peace of mind knowing they have an experienced advocate who understands what is at stake and will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome. Call 770-933-3825 for a consultation with one of our Georgia legal separation attorneys!

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vinson fife
vinson fife
I trusted my feelings and contacted a number of lawyers using Google to locate a divorce lawyer in Jonesboro, I spoke with some that stated that they had not handled divorce cases in years and that was the end of the conversation. I trusted my gut feelings when I came upon Lunn-White without even meeting face to face. I discussed my situation with Attorney Tiffany Lunn-White by way of Zoom in November of 2022 for Consultation after having a Counterclaim filed against me after the RESPONDENT Deserted and Abandoned me in September of 2016. Attorney Tiffany Lunn-White took my case and I must say did what needed to done to settle my case as I responded immediately on things that were asked of me. I would say if you needed Legal support, I would definitely recommend Attorney Tiffany Lunn-White to handle and settle your case, I will add that you not step in and try settle things yourself, just be patient and go about your daily activities and leave the matter to "Attorney Tiffany Lunn-White and her staff and you will be amazingly pleased with the outcome, and if you have doubts also trust GOD throughout the process. The Firm of Tiffany Lunn-White is the way to go here in Jonesboro Georgia of Clayton County!!
Gena Williams
Gena Williams
This firm is very professional! Although we did not always understand the process, Robin was always there to help! She continually followed up with us and kept us informed as we waited and whenever I had questions, she replied immediately! Once our case was finalized, all documents were sent to us in a very professional notebook with a check containing the remainder of our balance! I can definitely recommend this Lunn Law firm!
Diantha Swope
Diantha Swope
We were impressed that the Lunn Law LLC has "Zoom" capacity so it greatly reduces travel time for meetings. Everyone at the office was very courteous, professional, and knowledgeable at our application for services. They directed us in each step that we needed to take to pursue our goals. We would recommend the Lunn Law LLC to anyone needing their services.
Barbara Bennett
Barbara Bennett
Courteous and well organized staff. Handled all my needs in a timely manner. Great attorney and excellent law firm. Will definitely recommend them to anyone needing an attorney.
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark
Can not say enough good things about Lunn Law from the beginning to the end they walked me through the entire ordeal, which was a Legitimation and child Custody case.I provided the information they took over . I would highly recommend this law firm.
A Faucette
A Faucette
Attorney Lunn-White is an excellent attorney who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her clients. She has an excellent reputation in the legal community and I highly recommend her law firm!
Trustworthy with a Great Work Ethic
Michael Medlock
Michael Medlock
Lunn Law LLC is hands down the best law firm I've ever done business with. They are warm and inviting. I felt like I was part of the family. My very first consultation with attorney Tiffany Lunn-White started with her asking me to speak about myself personally. And that did it for me. They were very thorough and on point with everything I needed. I highly recommend this firm.