If you are visiting this page because you are initiating the process of divorce, we understand the turmoil you’re experiencing. We want to offer you condolences for everything you might be losing, as well as hope and optimism for the new future you are about to build. Working with knowledgeable Fayetteville divorce attorneys helps you begin this fresh future on the right foot by ensuring you will get everything you need out of the divorce.

Tiffany Lunn and the attorneys of Lunn Law are dedicated to making this period of upheaval a more tolerable experience than it would be otherwise. We can represent your interests in a courtroom if necessary so you can start your new life in a beneficial position. Reach out to schedule a case assessment and learn how we can support you.

What Are Grounds For Divorce?

Georgia does not require that you prove wrongdoing within your marriage to obtain a divorce. Though Georgia is a no-fault divorce state, you need to provide one from a list of thirteen reasons in order to have your divorce validated by the court. Some of the common reasons include issues like adultery or abandonment, but the most cited reason is the marriage being “irretrievably broken.”

Your reasoning could potentially play into the division of your marital assets. Georgia is not a community property state and there is no formula for how property is divided. A judge will take into account many factors, including the reason for the divorce, in order to decide what sort of division is fairest. If you allege factors like abuse, fraud, or adultery as motivations for your divorce, you could potentially be awarded a greater portion of the assets or custody, but this may not always be in your best interests. Speak to us and we can help you make the decisions that will lay a solid foundation for your future!

Contested Vs. Uncontested Divorce

There are a few approaches to divorce, and your level of collaboration with your ex-spouse will determine how much time and money your divorce will cost you. Whether or not you and your partner are in agreement on four essential aspects dictates the type of divorce you will be undertaking–these four aspects are child custody, child support, asset division, and alimony.

Uncontested divorce is typically the easiest type of divorce. You and your ex are in agreement with all four of the terms of divorce, which eliminates the need for mediation or hearings. Since the two of you have already arranged your preferences, you do not need to ever see the inside of the courtroom or submit to the will of a judge. Uncontested divorce is advantageous because it generally costs less time and money, so you can make a quick break and move on with your life without a long and potentially toxic process. However, a drawback is the fact that you could lose out on a more advantageous asset division.

Contested divorce is the opposite; you and your partner are in disagreement on one or more of the terms of divorce, so the decisions need to be settled via mediation, negotiation, or in front of a judge. This type of divorce typically lasts longer–over a year in some cases–and costs more money since the divorce proceedings take more time. Though this type of divorce can be more combative, it can be beneficial if you are able to fight for terms that you prefer.

Another type of divorce is collaborative divorce, which occurs when couples are not aligned on the terms of divorce but make an effort to reconcile their differences and move forward. People who are collaborating in their divorce try to solve their differences through their lawyers rather than through a courtroom battle. Whichever type of divorce you are facing, our Jonesboro divorce attorneys will support and guide you in your endeavors.

Our Fayeteville Divorce Attorneys Have The Experience To Fight For You

The compassionate attorneys at Lunn Law understand the complexities of the divorce process and can help guide you and empower you to make advantageous decisions. We want to work with you, not for you, so you can experience peace of mind throughout this life shift. Reach out to schedule a case assessment and learn how we can have your back.

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