Child Support

Child support law in Georgia changed effective Jan 1, 2007. The new law is based on an income shares model that considers both parties’ gross income. Child support is paid to assist in the cost of maintenance of the child. One parent may have sole or primary physical custody of the child and receive child support from the other parent.

In Georgia, generally both parents are obligated to provide for the support of a child until the child reaches the age of 18, or graduates from high school, whichever is later, but no later than age 20. There is no legal obligation to support a child in college or post graduate studies but an agreement may be made to such through settlement negotiations and if included in the Final Decree of Divorce, will be enforced by the courts.

Our firm assists in the modification of child support and also child support that is handled within a divorce, child custody or legitimation action. Child support claims survive bankruptcy proceedings and unpaid child support judgments are enforceable even after the child has reached the age of 18.

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