Divorce can be painful. If you are undergoing this significant change, we understand the enormity of what you are experiencing. As delicate as divorce can be, it is also an opportunity to reclaim your life for yourself and start afresh. With personalized legal help from our McDonough divorce attorneys, you can get what you desire out of your divorce in addition to the compassionate service you need to stay strong through this process.

The divorce attorneys at Lunn Law want to make this experience as tolerable for you as possible. Reach out to schedule an initial case assessment and learn how we can help support you through your divorce.

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Can I Get A Divorce In Georgia?

When you file for divorce in Georgia, you must submit a justification in order for it to be validated. Though Georgia is a no-fault divorce state, you still must choose one from a list of thirteen legally recognized reasons in order to be granted a divorce. These are the thirteen reasons that you can choose from:

1. Intermarriage by persons within the prohibited degrees of consanguinity (relationship by blood) or affinity

2. Mental incapacity at the time of the marriage

3. Impotency at the time of the marriage

4. Force, menace, duress, or fraud in obtaining the marriage

5. Pregnancy of the wife by a man other than the husband, at the time of the marriage, unknown to the husband

6. Adultery in either of the parties after marriage

7. Willful and continued desertion by either of the parties for the term of one year

8. The conviction of either party for an offense involving moral turpitude, under which he is sentenced to imprisonment in a penal institution for a term of two years or longer

9. Habitual intoxication

10. Cruel treatment

11. Incurable mental illness

12. Habitual drug addiction

13. The marriage is irretrievably broken

This final reason is the one that’s most often cited and is used generally as a catch-all for irreconcilable differences. 

Despite the fact that fault is not necessary to be granted a divorce (you can just cite that the marriage is irretrievably broken even if adultery or addiction was the real cause), proving fault, such as adultery, could mean that you are awarded a better portion of the assets in the divorce.

How To Divorce

When you get a divorce in Georgia, your divorce will generally fall into two categories.

Uncontested divorce means that you and your spouse are in agreement on the terms of divorce, including alimony, asset and debt division, child custody, and child support. When you two are able to agree, you will generally experience a quicker, easier, and cheaper divorce process. You will also avoid having your decisions dictated by a judge, which means that you will have more autonomy in your decision, and you will not have to go to court.

Contested divorce is when the opposite occurs: you and your spouse are not in agreement, and you must try to come to terms via mediation or negotiation or, failing these options, a ruling by a judge. This type of divorce can be long and drawn out, which will inevitably end up costing you more money. Still, this type of divorce can be beneficial; say that you want to prove that your spouse is at fault for wrongdoing in your marriage. In this case, you might be better served fighting it out in court as you could be entitled to more money or custody.

Your divorce process starts when you file a Complaint For Divorce or a Petition For Divorce, after which your spouse must respond within 30 days. Our McDonough divorce attorneys will gather evidence for discovery and then either schedule a hearing for negotiation or attempt a settlement. Failing these options, your divorce procedure might go to a final hearing.

It is normal for divorce to take a long time. Though some uncontested divorces can be settled in as few as thirty days, some divorces can take over a year. The competent attorneys at Lunn Law will proceed with your divorce in a manner that best suits you and your needs. 

Our McDonough Divorce Attorneys Have Your Back

The divorce attorneys at Lunn Law, LLC, are dedicated to giving you strong legal support during this tumultuous time in your life. Whether you are dealing with a high net worth divorce or a volatile partner, we can help support you during this procedure. Reach out to schedule a case assessment with us and learn how we can help you with our quality legal counsel.

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