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Modification of Child Support/Alimony

Child Support Modification

Child support can be modified by the court, as an increase or decrease, when there is a substantial change in the income of either party or the needs of the children. A modification of an initial child support order can be filed anytime thereafter but after that modification the same party cannot file again until 2 years have passed from the previous final order unless that party can meet certain exceptions.

The parties cannot agree to change child support without court intervention. By Georgia law, child support continues until child support modifications are formalized by order of the court.

GA Child Support Services

Alimony Modification

Unless parties waive alimony modification, alimony can be modified if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. However, alimony modification is reserved only to the amount of periodic support payments and not to the length of time payments will be made. Lump sum alimony (as opposed to periodic alimony) is not subject to modification. Either party may choose to have a jury trial on any action for modification.

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