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Family Law

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Family law (also known as domestic law) is a very personal area law. Firstly, it is the practice area involving family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, child support, and child custody. Secondly, individual states have the right to determine formal requirements for different aspects of domestic law. Likewise, state laws govern the various rules and procedures. For instance, states determine the formal requirements for marriage, including age and legal capacity. Thirdly, this area of practice is changing rapidly with involving emerging changes as pertains to same-sex marriage, same-sex adoptions, and parentage relating to fertility treatment.

Family Law Areas Handled By The Firm

Lunn Law LLC handles the following practice areas:

Family Law Resources

Important to realize, there are various resources online that discuss domestic law and are meant to help those dealing with these issues. As an illustration, the following can be explored:

ABA Journal

Additionally, there are various books available that can emotionally and mentally help those experiencing domestic disputes. There is usually a specific section online in stores such as Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. If one finds themselves struggling through difficult disputes, these types of resources are meant to help.

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