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If you have made the difficult decision to divorce, we understand the grief and pressure you are likely feeling. The divorce process is your chance to fight for what you need in order to turn to the next chapter in your life. For the road ahead, you need someone in your corner who can be an advocate for you.

The College Park divorce attorneys at Lunn Law have a compassionate approach to divorce that prioritizes the needs that are most essential to you. We endeavor to cut away the painful excesses that divorce can cause while still fiercely advocating for your interests. Reach out for a case assessment and discover how we can strategize for your divorce proceedings.

College Park Divorce Attorneys

No-Fault Divorce In Georgia

Georgia is a no-fault divorce state, which means that you do not need to prove fault for the breakdown of your marriage in order to be granted a divorce. Regardless, you will still need to submit a reason from a list of thirteen valid divorce reasons, which runs as follows:

  1. Intermarriage by persons within the prohibited degrees of consanguinity (relationship by blood) or affinity
  2. Mental incapacity at the time of the marriage
  3. Impotency at the time of the marriage
  4. Force, menace, duress, or fraud in obtaining the marriage
  5. Pregnancy of the wife by a man other than the husband, at the time of the marriage, unknown to the husband
  6. Adultery in either of the parties after marriage
  7. Willful and continued desertion by either of the parties for the term of one year
  8. The conviction of either party for an offense involving moral turpitude, under which he is sentenced to imprisonment in a penal institution for a term of two years or longer
  9. Habitual intoxication
  10.  Cruel treatment
  11.  Incurable mental illness
  12.  Habitual drug addiction
  13.  Or that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

If you and your spouse have simply grown apart or run into differences that would be considered irreconcilable, you can choose the thirteenth reason, which does not seek to place blame on any party. (This is the most common scenario.)

However, in the case that there is blame to be placed, such as if your spouse cheated or abused you, you can submit the corresponding reasons. If you can prove this type of fault for the dissolution of your marriage, you might be entitled to a greater division of the assets. Work with our College Park divorce lawyers in order to make a case that will sway the court in these circumstances.

Understanding The Georgia Divorce Process

The first step to initiating divorce is filing a Complaint For Divorce or a Petition For Divorce. Your spouse will have 30 days to respond to this notice.

Your divorce will proceed into one of two categories:

  • Uncontested divorce: Generally the simpler approach, uncontested divorce occurs when both parties are in agreement over the essential aspects, such as child custody and asset division. If you and your spouse can agree, even if it takes mediation or negotiation to get you on the same page, you will not need to go to court, and you will likely save time and money.
  • Contested divorce: The thornier side of divorce, contested divorces involve two parties who are not in agreement on what the divorce will entail. These differences must be settled in court. This type of divorce tends to be more expensive and can even take more than a year.

You have options in your divorce, which is why it’s essential to discuss your goals with our College Park divorce attorneys. We can answer your questions and strategize with you to fulfill your needs.

Our Experienced College Park Divorce Attorneys Have Your Back

The attorneys at Lunn Law, LLC, understand that in this trying time you are suffering from many burdens, and we want to help take some of them off your plate. We have a compassionate approach to divorce that will allow you to feel understood and protected from those who might try to take advantage of you in this stressful period. Reach out to schedule an initial case assessment and learn how we will fight to support you.

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